And so it all started.....

When I think about where I thought my life would be by the time I was a "nearly 40 year old", I don't think I could have ever imagined the whirlwind adventure that was headed my way! I had always followed a fairly traditional path; school, college, university, first house, first job, husband, kids.....Never did I imagine that one day, I would be a business owner, setting my own rules, in charge of my own goals and moving in an entirely new, exciting and refreshing direction. Yet here I am!

From a tiny idea to sell scarves (#ilovescarves - they can be worn all year round - to snuggle up in through the winter months or as a statement piece to jazz up an outfit in the summer), I have moved from the world of teaching (that for me, was a comfortable and safe environment that I knew well) into a vibrant, colourful and exhilarating world of fashion accessories and running your own business. I look back now on the adventure I have had so far, and wouldn't change it for anything!

Having set up the website and established ourselves in the market place (#wehavearrived), this is the next chapter along the way. Learning to blog! Talking about products that #SimplyStyle has discovered and wants to make a shout about! Above all, sharing our love for the products we sell and our love of vibrant colours and the stories behind what we sell.

I also think that this blog will be the perfect opportunity to share the experiences of juggling a business with the busy world of being Mummy! I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and sharing it with everyone who would like to read about it in this blog!

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