Come rain or shine!

It always amazes me the difference the weather can make to how well a product will sell at a show. And it amazes me even more that my perception of how well we will do at a show will differ entirely from the outcome of the event!!!

Since forming the business, we have branched out and tried all manner of different events from the small local stalls, to bigger fairs. Each one comes with it's own trials and tribulations, yet each one is also satisfying in it's own unique way.

My initial thinking was that a rainy day would keep the customers away. That a sunny day was sure to bring more business our way. From dealing with leaks in marquees, to thinking about sales gimmicks to help keep our customers cool in the heatwaves, one overriding theme emerges; that our customers truly believe in us and the products that we sell. We are overwhelmingly grateful for their support - and with their support, we can conquer the world #onefashionaccessoryatatime

I think that if nothing else, I have learnt that come rain or shine, you turn up, give of your best and enjoy the experiences - I know I am! It also seems important to turn any negative into a positive. A quiet Christmas market gave us the perfect opportunity to hunt down a delicious roast dinner to keep us going for what turned out to be a busy afternoon! The dripping water through the centre of the marquee (thankfully not over our products!) at 8am on the first show morning, meant that we had to push out our stand to be clear of the rain. Although stressful at the time, once the rain cleared, we were able to leave our stand with the extra space for our customers to try things on and happily browse. It is true what they say; every cloud has a silver lining!

Come rain or shine, shows and fairs give us the opportunity to chat with our customers and for us, this is invaluable. We love the opportunity to talk about our new #spaghettiscarves or our #vibrantbelts and to show the products to our Simply Style customers!

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